Mastering Conflict Resolution

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Conquer Conflict in Your Company

How To Turn Around Your Customer Relationships:

Everything I Know About Customer Service I Learned in Prison


If you rule with an iron fist, you’ll likely have a lot more unhappy customers. But you can’t let the inmates run the asylum!  There’s a way to have guidelines and still have happy customers.  It all boils down to managing their expectations.  This workshop gives your people strategies for explaining the guidelines and managing expectations so the results are happier customers.


You’ll discover:

  •  Why you may have a great deal of conflict with your customers - and how to re-start the relationship to change their expectations
  • Where the sales process may be leading to conflict and how to correct it
  •  How to - as a customer service professional - understand the customer’s point of view to better communicate
  • How to set appropriate expectations for your customers so conflict occurs significantly less frequently.

Eye of The Hurricane: Surviving and Thriving During Conflict


This is the workshop that will empower your managers to be masters of conflict resolution, no matter who is involved or how complicated the problem.


They’ll discover:

  • The critical soft skills to communicate with one another in a positive way
  • How to use empathy to further your results
  • How misperceptions and miscommunications cause hurt - this changes the narrative.
  • How to tell the difference between what you say and what you mean… and clearly communicate your intention each time.
  • How choices can alleviate conflict (in a lot of conflict, the majority of the people have been just told what to do and not given a choice.)

Lead, Follow or Die: Lessons from Maximum Security


Your people will discover lessons learned from Neil’s work in the prison system where there is no option but to follow orders.  In every organization there are times when the leadership is wrong, but constantly questioning leadership will cause your whole system to fall apart.  This workshop empowers your people with the skills to know which battles to pick and how to pick them effectively.  Plus …


• When is the right time to fight for what you know is right? And how to handle it when you do.

• When blindly following could get you in trouble.

• Why sometimes you have to follow what management says (even if you know they’re wrong)

Neil Dunsmore

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